A chicken is sometimes just walking

Like everyone else, I have my breaking point. I lose my shit. It has happened here. It has happened on IG. It doesn’t happen often but it happens and it happened Sunday on Twitter.

Woman shares a video captured from a phone of a woman in Florida attacking an SUV. No background on why she decided to attack the vehicle but the SUV was in the crosswalk and this woman was kicking it, beating it with her fists, screaming, and then tried to open the door several times. The video ends with her walking off and stopping on the corner to scream at the SUV before walking off down the street.

ME: I hope there weren’t any kids in that SUV. How traumatizing it would have been for them.
(Now, me thinks that this is a blameless comment. I don’t know what happened before someone started recording.)
HER (the woman who shared the video): Violence is ALWAYS wrong!
(I wasn’t aware that I suggested otherwise so I just ignored her. I agree with her but I also didn’t suggest this was okay.)
PERSON with a cat as a profile pic: Maybe people should learn to not pull up into crosswalks. The kids will hopefully learn to be better drivers.

And this ladies and gentlemen is where I lost my shit.

Sometimes a chicken crosses the road and someone takes a video and shares it. Examples of comments strangers who don’t know the videographer or the chicken may make:
-This is an example of chicken exploitation! Did you have permission?
-Maybe the chicken was escaping an abusive rooster. Did you bother to stop and ask if they were safe?
-The chicken was triggered because they were on Twitter and saw a comment by a stranger and felt personally attacked. Thus needing to cross the road.
-You ate the chicken after videoing this, didn’t you!?!?!?! Heathen.
-I have 200,905 followers. Let me help you get followers too!
-My porn site is chicken@henhouse.net. For $50 you can have unlimited access to my cam. XOXO

My belief is people come in a few different groups. There are people who talk to you like they would talk to you in real life. It is why some of the “trolls” of Fet are actually my friends. I know they are assholes in real life because I talk to them off Fet. I respect honesty and although I disagree with them a lot I know they are being their true selves. There are also some nice people who are just as nice in real life! Then there are the people who act like douchetwats and try to be intimidating or “knowledgeable” who are neither, in real life or on the internet. If their own mothers saw their nonsense she would disown them or at the least say “I am very disappointed”. My least favorite group are THE morally superior. Their comments drip with moral righteousness to the point you look at your chicken video and wonder what you did wrong. It was a chicken, a sunset, and a quiet road. It was supposed to be a zen-like moment. What happened? I’d rather deal with an incel on a woman-hating binge than the Morally Righteous Police. Your decisions are not their decisions therefore you are wrong! Pretty sure they want to speak to your manager a lot. (My apologies to all the good decent Karen’s out there.)

I’ve calmed down since Sunday. I said what I had to say with enough Haberno in my words that I even got an apology. I thanked her (or him the cat) for acknowledging my POV.

Sometimes a chicken is just walking across the road.

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