My cynical heart

In September I was dumped. Dumped on the level of a 7th grader. He dumped me via a text, blocked me on social media and phone. I never heard a word from the man who two hours previously claimed to love me.

Here’s the issue: I’m over him but I’m not open to dating again.

I’m in my 5th month and the idea of dating again sucks. Online dating? Gag. Meeting someone? Doubtful.

I’ve become skeptical.

Now, I realize I’ve allowed this situation to effect me and my future. It pains me he had this power over me. Here’s where I devolve and call him a douchetard.

The irony is I know I’m worth having. Opening myself again though? Still not ready. I’m not sure at this point if someone would want me. My heart is so cynical now who would want that?

He asked me to leave my life for him.

I didn’t leave my life but feel I’ve stopped living some days.

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